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Blended Learning

The English Portal is at the forefront of language training due to the introduction of the Blended Learning program. We are integrating innovative and modified traditional methods of schooling to produce a unique and versatile approach to learning. Our aim is: to deliver a high quality product that presents challenging tasks that increase the rate of learning that is experienced with traditional methods. Our product is designed to enable students to work any time and at their own personal pace. We believe this flexibility will allow students to learn faster and with more confidence.
This learning method combines the on-line course with regular classes or the use of CD ROM's.

We present this learning method as a combination of articles, exercises, news, games, and activities to give you more diverse exposure to the English language. This leads to a more complete understanding of the English language.

The advantages of this program include:

  • Utilizes a unique combination of many different training techniques.

  • By combining these various training techniques we bring the best possible program for learning English on-line.

  • By using MML you can better prepare yourself for more traditional style lessons or seminars.

  • MML will reinforce English skills that you may have learnt in class or seminar.

  • In a regular classroom setting you are forced to maintain the pace of the rest of the class – using the English Portal's MML you are able to work a pace that is comfortable for you personally.

  • MML is a flexible learning method – you are able to work on areas of your language development that you believe need special attention or want to improve.

  • You have professional trainers who you can contact and anytime and from virtually anywhere to give you learning support.

  • By using the MML you can access information needed to quickly answer your questions or help you work through the program.

Who is the MML program designed for?

The MML program is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English or practice what they already know. We offer an extremely professional course that can challenge any level of English proficiency.

Our on-line program is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and it is accessible from virtually anywhere in the world.


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