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True or False?

1.An acknowledgment is a small document given to you after you have paid showing that have bought something; it is also called a bill. True   False
2.A customer is a person who buys things in a shop. True   False
3.A grocerís is a shop where you can choose from a great variety of foods and household goods and pay for them at the end. True   False
4.A department store is a large shop where you buy things like clothes, toys, electrical devices, and maybe food. True   False
5.A chemistís is a shop where you can buy medicines, shampoos and toothpaste. True   False
6.A counter is the person who takes your money in a shop when you buy things. True   False
7.A butcherís is a shop where you have your haircut if you are a man. True   False
8.You take your shoes to a cobblerís to be repaired. True   False
9.A sack is a box made of hard paper in which food or drink is stored and then sold. True   False
10.A joint of beef is a large piece of meat that you find in a butcherís shop. True   False

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