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Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy!

English Portal International GbR - publishers of the English Portal - takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following explanation gives you an overview of the security policies regarding your personal data.

Overview of Data Security

In this explanation we give our policies of the treatment of personal data of our test users and members. Also given is an overview of the way in which English Portal International GbR and the company's business partners use personal data.

The use of personal data by English Portal International GbR and its employees is explained only in part in this document. The following examples should only be regarded as illustrated examples not as a comprehensive listing of all conceivable scenarios and proceedings.

Collection and Use of Data

If you request a member or test user account with The English Portal we ask for: name, email address, date of birth, sex and residential or postal address. However to obtain an account all of this information is not critical. In any case the identity of an individual must be established for a member account to be activated.

In addition English Portal International GbR automatically stores 'log-in' information which is conveyed to the server via the web browser being used to access the site. The information obtained is the IP address of the computer and other data collected using 'Cookies' that are loaded onto the system of a user computer each time the site is accessed.

The main purposes English Portal International GbR collects data for are: in order to advertise certain aspects of the site and company that correspond to the user personal interests and in order to make offers of products and services. These types of offers are only made at the consent of the user.

Data Communication and Third Parties

English Portal International GbR will pass on personal data or make it available to a third party only the following cases. English Portal International GbR conveys your personal data to a third party when:

- The member agrees to such a data transfer.
- The information must be passed on in order to take advantage on an offer for a certain product or service.
- A subcontractor to English Portal International GbR requires the information to effectively produce offers for products and services that will correspond to the interests of the user.
- An official inquiry or judicial arrangement requires the information.
- In order to prevent the misuse of English Portal International GbR offers and services. In particular using the site or its content to be traded in an illegal fashion.


Cookies are files that are placed on a user system hard disk (non removable disk). The information contained in 'Cookies' serve to ease the navigation of the site and the also remove the need to enter registration data needed to enter the site. In addition, 'Cookies' can used for tailoring offers to the specific needs and wants of individual users. It is possible to prevent the storing of 'Cookies' on any system - this is done by making adjustments to the 'Browser' attributes of the individual system. For more detail on the setting of 'Cookies' follow the recommended procedure supplied by the producer of the individual 'Browser'. If a user chooses not to accept 'Cookies' this can lead to restricted functioning of the site and corresponding offers.

English Portal International GbR places any data requested from users (with user consent) on the hard disk (non removable drive) of the user to be accessed at any time that this information is required.

English Portal International GbR advertising partners have no access to information stored as 'Cookies' by The English Portal on the users system. English Portal International GbR advertising partners will place 'Cookies' of their own onto the system of the user. For such 'Cookies' placed onto the user system by advertising partners English Portal International GbR and the English Portal are not legally responsible.

Treatment or Deletion of Data in Regards to User Accounts

Users have the right at any time to amend or supplement information and attributes stored in their corresponding English Portal account. In regards to the consent of using such information - this is also changeable at any time.

If the user decides that they wish to have their user account deactivated English Portal International GbR should be notified. Any information should be specified that the user requires to be no longer held or used by English Portal International GbR. Under certain circustances English Portal International GbR reserves the right to refuse access to information gathered certain user accounts e.g. confidential business information.

Data Security

English Portal International GbR guarantees the protection of personal information from loss, abuse, destruction and alteration. The personal user data on The English Portal is password protected and is only accessable by English Portal International GbR and the individual user.
English Portal International GbR uses encryption software for data transmissions between the server and the user console.

Changes to the Data Security Policies

English Portal International GbR reserves the right to make amendments to the data security policies that are implemented. If English Portal International GbR uses personal data obtained from users in any other way then stipulated in the data security policy then the user will be notified of the security breach as soon as English Portal International GbR becomes aware of the problem. If the user decides to refuse a line of correspondence to be opened between themselves and English Portal International GbR, the company will neither be unable to notify the users of such breaches in security nor will the company use the personal data in other way than stipulated in this document. All major changes and announcements that need to be brought to the attention of test users and members will be displayed on the site. Questions? Please send us an email: service@english-portal.com


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